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Black Asus Eee PC 1008HA get tested

by on11 May 2009


On sale in Taiwan

The black version of Asus' Seashell Eee PC 1008HA has gone on sale in Taiwan alongside the white model and both will be available for delivery later this week. There are of course no hardware differences between the two models, but in our opinion, the black model looks a lot sleeker than the white one.

We have to apologize for the fact that we forgot to link to a review of the Eee PC 1008HA that went up on Thursday over at TrustedReviews which gave it a recommended award. The conclusion of the review was that the 1008HA might not be any faster than your average netbook, has slightly lacking battery life, but it offers a great keyboard and it's of course one of the lightest 10-inch models out there.

TrustedReviews also revealed what that mini D-sub connector was all about, it's a proprietary connector, but the adapter is slotted into the bottom of the 1008HA and is easily removed to give you a full size D-sub connector to use when needed. This is a very nice design by Asus and we'd like to see more notebook and netbook manufacturers to follow suit.

It's not cheap though, as it will retail for a smidgen under £397 (€443/$603) when it hits retail later this month. This is slightly cheaper than the retail price in Taiwan, despite the fact that the VAT is 10 percent higher in the UK.

You can find the review here and the Taiwanese order page here

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