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Square Enix trying to get Eidos

by on13 February 2009


Submitted a bid to buy the company last month

Eidos is in the news again, as the ongoing questions about the future of the publisher now have a name behind them. Square Enix has let the cat out of the bag, saying that they were behind an offer that was submitted around the middle of last month to buy the UK-based publisher.

Square Enix is looking to expand their portfolio and place themselves in the position of being one of the major entertainment software publishers; and in order to do that the company needs more franchise titles and developers with a track record.

Many analysts believe, as we do, that it is important for publishers like Square Enix to expand their brand presence in the North American market space with additional titles and offerings beyond the titles that Square Enix has been known for in the past. Landing a developer like Eidos with a franchise like Tomb Raider would likely provide a publisher such as Square Enix almost instant credibility.

It is expected that the offer will be put to a vote of the shareholders sometime in early March. While it seems that it will happen, according to our sources only time will tell if this will be the case.
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