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Special Halo Wars vehicles concept art emerges


Buy your shiny pixels


Ensemble studios has recently posted the concept art for the two special Halo Wars in-game vehicles.

However, in a capitalist vehicle of our own, these don’t come without a price, although we’re quite sure that even $5 is too much for a couple of shiny pixels that are displayed on your screen.

The two vehicles are the Flaming Hog and Honor Guard Wraith; you can get your hands on the Flaming Hog if you preorder the regular version, whereas the latter will require purchasing the Collector’s Edition.

Preorders will start shipping in February; the regular version is priced at $59.99/£39.99, whereas the Collector’s Edition will probably set you back some $10/£10 more when it gets listed.

Last modified on 17 November 2008
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