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Future of Age of Empires not in doubt

by on12 September 2008


Microsoft hints that a future release is possible

The announcement that Microsoft plans to close Ensemble Studios after the development of Halo Wars is complete has been received by many as very sad indeed. It seems that those that are complaining the loudest are those that are die hard Age of Empires players who have been waiting for another addition of the very popular PC title.

Microsoft let it be known that they continue to own the AoE IP and that possible future announcements regarding the family of titles is likely. While they are not announcing anything at this time, Microsoft is still behind the title and does plan a future for the product franchise.

Some have expressed concern about Halo Wars and the fact that Ensemble is being closed and how this will affect support of the game. Not to worry, as the higher ups plan to launch a new studio to support the game and continue it as an independent company that will not be Microsoft-owned. We would not worry about the support of Halo Wars and this should not influence your purchasing decision if you are considering buying the title when released.

Those not joining the new studio are expected to be placed at another position within the Microsoft organization. Still, many Microsoft gaming fans continue to worry about the fact that Microsoft is backing away from software development of entertainment software in general, but it seems that Microsoft continues to reaffirm that this is far from the truth, as they will continue to be involved in the development of entertainment software and invest in such.

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