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Storm uses over $200+ in parts

by on30 January 2009


Not cheap to build this BlackBerry at all

Some have been questioning the reason that the BlackBerry Storm continues to be so expensive, but the answer seems to be that at least right now the Storm just costs a lot to manufacture because of the parts used.

Reports are suggesting that each BlackBerry Storm is using around $200 in parts per unit manufactured. As time goes by RIM will be able to enhance and shrink that number, but in the short term it is rather expensive to build; and that is why the deals on it are few and far between.

From what we have been hearing the Storm has sold better than perhaps the company had predicted with Verizon alone saying that it has sold over 1 million units. Still, the defect rate has been a bit high, but the up side of this is that the company will have plenty of parts from which to draw on for refurb Storms.

The price will go down as improvements for the Storm are engineered, but until they can bring the build cost down, we don’t think you will see the prices on the Storm getting much lower. The good news for Storm owners is that the phone is popular and has been a hit for the most part, but many are still complaining of buggy firmware and other such quirks with the unit which has haunted the device since release. We do, however, expect the next round of firmware to really stabilize the Storm once it is released according to the information that we are getting from our sources.

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