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AMD launches low-cost 760G chipset

by on19 January 2009


Crippled 780G


AMD has quietly launched a crippled version of its 780G integrated chipset, the 760G.

The 780G has long been touted as an excellent chipset in its price class, and the 760G should offer even better value for money, although it lacks some of the features of the original 780G.

Unlike the 780G, it has a slightly slower Radeon 3000 GPU clocked at 350, and it lacks some hardware acceleration features, so we don't think you'll see many 760G boards with HDMI on board.

Business users probably won't mind lacking these features on their rigs, and should be more than happy to embrace the new chipset. AMD's current low-end integrated boards are based on the 740G, and are around 30 percent cheaper than 780G boards.

We haven't managed to find any 760G boards listed in the U.S. or Europe.

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