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Buffalo announces 30, 60 and 120GB SSDs

by on18 September 2008


Only in Japan, so far

Buffalo has just introduced a range of new 2.5-inch SSD drives in Japan with capacities of 30, 60 and 120GB, although we suspect the missing space (2, 4 and 8GB) has been kept as a fail safe for when memory cells get worn out over time.

What's interesting here though is the fact that the Buffalo drives are very similar to the OCZ Core series V2 SSD drives in as much as that they have a mini USB connector, which allows you to use the drives as a USB storage device. The usefulness of this is the fact that Buffalo supplies a copy of Acronis MigrateEasy, which allows you to copy the data on your old hard drive onto the SSD drive and then you simply replace the hard drive with the SSD and off you go.

The drives use MLC technology, but Buffalo hasn't quoted any kind of performance numbers, but the pricing seems to be right at €107 for the 30GB drive, €213 for the 60GB drive and €319 for the 120GB, all which seems very competitive, especially when you consider that a lot of these things are actually quite pricey in Japan.

Hopefully, Buffalo will bring these drives to the rest of the world for the same price, as it would give some of the already established SSD players a good run for their money.

You can find the press release here in Japanese.
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