HP tries Ancient Roman punishment on staff again
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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 10:49

HP tries Ancient Roman punishment on staff again

Decimation again

When the Ancient Roman army suffered from poor performance it decimated its army – killing ten percent as warning to the rest.  

HTC announces its cunning plan
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Friday, 14 August 2015 13:45

HTC announces its cunning plan

Trying to cheat the reaper

Troubled mobile phone outfit HTC has announced that it is sharpening its axe in a restructuring plan which will see it make money again.

We were right -- Qualcomm is laying off staff
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Rest of world catches up

The rest of the world has finally woken up to what we told it a week ago -- Qualcomm is preparing to lay off ten per cent of its staff. 

AMD considering a split
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Monday, 22 June 2015 12:09

AMD considering a split

Needs to make money

As we have been warning, AMD is considering selling itself off as part of a consolidation which is happening in the chip industry.

Restructuring HP suffers pains in bottom line
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Still better than expected

The maker of expensive printer ink, predicted that it would cost a fair bit to cut itself up even as it reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit.

Monday, 09 July 2012 15:48

Panasonic to commence restructuring


Time for change

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 09:22

SWTOR team hit with lay-offs

bioware logo

Restructuring of BioWare Austin

Friday, 06 May 2011 09:36

Layoffs hit Blackrock Studios


Disney Interactive restructuring continues
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 10:11

Microsoft lays off more staff

Cutting continues