Friday, 24 June 2011 11:22

Nokia Windows phone leaked

Dubbed Sea Ray, based on N9 chassis

Releases N9 on MeeGo
Monday, 20 June 2011 12:49

Intel wants MeeGo in cars and TVs

IP media phones too
Monday, 13 June 2011 09:01

Windows Phone to overtake iOS

By 2015, claim analysts
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 12:55

Key open source project about to fail


Thanks to Microsoft’s involvement with Nokia
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 09:43

Nokia to launch Windows phone in Q4

So long Symbian

There is a season, turn, turn, turn
Friday, 29 April 2011 13:29

Nokia looking to make unique tablet


Unique as in they’ll sell only one?
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 11:14

Nokia to cut 4,000 jobs worldwide

3,000 Symbian jobs going to Accenture

Friday, 22 April 2011 10:08

Nokia marketshare continues to slide

Under 30 percent and falling