Apple invests in sleep
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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 14:10

Apple invests in sleep

Will patent it and claim to have invented it 

Fruity tax-dodging cargo-cult Apple has worked out that most of its users are sleep walking to the Apple store to buy their products and thinks it might be better that they get some sort of tracking gear.

Silicon Valley losing cash by ignoring poor people
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Apple business model questioned

Silicon Valley is missing out on millions because it follows Apple’s policy of charging a fortune and ignores poor people.

Apple first US company to reach $800 billion market cap
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Shares up 50 percent since US election, 33 percent this year

On Monday, Apple became the first company in US history to reach a historic $800 billion market capitalization, just over two years after it crossed the previous $700 billion threshold. Despite our longstanding criticisms, it remains the world’s most valuable publicly traded company after earnings.

Apple and Google are abusing privileged position
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European tech feed up with being told to eat cake

European technology businesses are complaining that Google and Apple are abusing their power and scale.

Apple was top wearables vendor in Q1 2017
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Xiaomi in number two spot worldwide

Apple shipped 3.5 million wearable devices worldwide in the first calendar quarter of this year, rising 59 percent from 2.2 million units in Q1 2016 and overtaking Fitbit as the world’s largest wearables vendor for the quarter.

Mass iPhone production is still on schedule
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Suppliers readying for production ramp in June

Mass production and component orders surrounding Apple’s next-generation iPhone are still on schedule and devices are expected to be unveiled in September, according to the latest Chinese-language news report.

Fitbit surprises Wall Street
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Thursday, 04 May 2017 10:37

Fitbit surprises Wall Street

Makes more cash than expected

Fitbit surprised the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street by reporting a quarterly revenue above its own forecast.

Imagination revolts against Apple overlords
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You still need us and we will sue you to prove it

Apple’s attempts to strong arm its suppliers by cutting off their money supply unless they give it huge discounts is starting to get some kick-back from its suppliers.

There's a hardware bloodbath over education
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Apple, Google and Microsoft need no education

A hardware war is brewing over the US education market with Apple, Google and Microsoft mud-wrestling for the hearts and minds of educators and school districts.

Fruity cargo-cult making AI deals for its "echo" clone
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Looking for the City of Light

The fruity cargo-cult Apple has signed a deal with Inventec to produce a connected speaker device which will echo Amazon's Echo with a pricey product which does less.