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Graphene transistors still far away

by on10 September 2013

IDF 2013: A few product cycles

During the Q and A session Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich and President Rene James were asked about grapheme, a new promising material that is supposed to be the holy grail for the future of computing.

This is what you will need for foldable computing and devices that you can bend and flex. Krzanich was very specific telling that Intel researchers are doing a lot of work on this field and that they saw some great progress. However it also said that product wise graphene is still a few generations away, that is what Krzanich said at the Q and A.

Intel’s 7 nm scheduled for 2017 is definitely not graphene based, so the in best case scenario you can expect graphene in 2019 but we believe that his date is more than optimistic. Colleagues close to the matter say that they expect graphene based processors in 10 plus years from now, so 2023 or later.

Graphene is still not cost effective solution, it’s good for prototype chips but not for full scale cost aware production. Until that time we have to stick to lithography and copper as the most price performance rated material. You won’t see any Atom or Core based flexible chips in this decade, at last this is how it looks from today’s point.

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