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Top of 17W Celeron range is 877

by on21 May 2012

The great white hope

We already mentioned upcoming Celeron 807 and Celeron 847 in the article below and these new 17W single and dual-cores are coming in Q3 2012.

Before that happens Intel plans to introduce the new Celeron 877 to replace 867, also in Q3. Intel Celeron 877 works at 1.4GHz is a dual-core with two thread support, has Intel HD graphics and 2MB of cache. In the past Celeron parts were stuck with 1MB but not anymore, this processor today is a worthy member of Intel’s 32nm Sandy Bridge family.
It supports DDR3 1333 and most important it has 17WTDP,  a thermal envelope that is suitable for Ultrabooks and thin notebooks. We would not be surprised to see Ultrabooks based on 877, 847 or similar processors. It is also worth noting that AMD will have relatively affordable ULV Trinity parts and they have plenty of potential to undercut Intel in this particular market segment.

After Q3 2012, which is the timeframe for Celeron 877 introduction, we might see even faster iterations of this processor branded with even higher number. The CPU clock on the currently available Celeron 867 is 1.3GHz and this won’t be a huge leap forward, but it will bring a slight wind of change.

We wonder when we will see thin notebooks based on these rather inexpensive processors.

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