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Gigabyte to launch additional X58 boards

by on12 November 2008


Lower cost models

Gigabyte is working on a few new X58 boards and the upcoming models will be having slightly less features than the currently announced ones, which should appeal to those that are looking at building a more affordable Core i7/X58 system.

This, of course, doesn't mean that Gigabyte will be cutting quality, as these boards will feature the newly launched 2 oz. copper layers, just as the new P45 and yet to launch X58 boards. The new boards are likely to have less memory slots than the boards we've seen thus far and they'll most likely carry the DS3 model name extension.

We'll bring you more details when we have them, but with the official platform launch still some time away, we can see Gigabyte focusing on the launch first and then announcing the new models at a later stage. However, with a top to bottom line-up, Gigabyte should be able to cover the needs of most users and it's the first company we know that will have a full range of X58 boards.

The only worry is that the potential buyers of the Core i7/X58 platform might not be interested in lower-end motherboards, but we'll have to wait and see how well received the platform will be before we can say either or.

Last modified on 13 November 2008
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