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HTC One faces two-week delay

by on13 March 2013

The last thing HTC needs right now

HTC’s new flagship phone is apparently facing a two-week delay. HTC told CNET that the phone would not show up in Singapore until April. 

The One was supposed to launch globally in March, but it seems it will be delayed by a few weeks. We still don’t know whether the delay will affect all markets and there is a chance some consumers will be able to get their hands on One this month. The HTC One is not easy to build and apparently it takes about 200 minutes to cut the front and rear of the all-aluminium phone.

Although a two-week delay does not sound like much, let’s not forget that Samsung is a day away from launching the Galaxy S4. Samsung is bound to spend millions on advertising and marketing, and HTC is not in a position to come even close. We like the HTC One and we don’t doubt for a second that many consumers prefer aluminium to plastic, but it might be too little too late for the struggling smartphone maker.

HTC needed a head start, just to get a positive vibe through reviews and word of mouth, but now it seems the One could ship days or weeks after the S4.

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