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LG Optimus G rumoured as next Nexus phone

by on20 September 2012

Don’t get your hopes up just yet

There is an interesting rumour floating around the interweb. Several sites are reporting that LG’s new Optimus G handset could be the new Nexus and the first Nexus device from the house of LG.

However, although it sounds plausible, this is nothing more than a rumour at this point. It would be nice to see a Nexus phone based on Qualcomm’s lighting fast APQ8064 quad-core, but it is too early to say whether the rumour mill got this right.

Earlier reports suggest that Google plans to introduce multiple Nexus devices this time around, but once again it is hard to confirm or deny the rumours. A few weeks ago reports of a new Samsung Nexus phone emerged as well, and then there was talk of a Sony Xperia Nexus, so pick your rumour and run with it.

Mind you, the Galaxy Nexus was practically a bespoke Nexus design, not merely a rehash of an existing phone like its predecessor. Although it did not break any sales records, the Galaxy Nexus got very positive reviews and almost a year on it is probably the best bang-for-buck Android device out there.

However, the Galaxy Nexus is getting old and we should see a replacement, or a few of them, by the end of the year. Personally, I doubt that we will see a bunch of Nexus branded superphones. Even if Google takes the rumoured multiple device approach, why would it need three or four huge high-end handsets?

Many consumers are already complaining that flagship Android phones have evolved to the point where they are simply getting too big and unwieldy, so it would make a lot more sense for Google to introduce a couple of different form factors rather than a bunch of oversized superphones competing for the same market. The 4.7-inch Optimus G would make a great high-end Nexus phone, but there is a market for devices in the 4- to 4.3-inch range as well.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at iPhone 5 preorder figures.

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