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AMD Never Settle Reloaded helped HD 7970 sales

by on22 February 2013

7950 and 7850 not so much

AMD is confident that bundling Far Cry 3 and Bio Shock Infinite can boost its sales in the high end segment and help the company move some of the 7900 and 7800 inventory. It seems the company was right, as the bundle did help some cards, but didn’t do much for others.

A few people who make a living selling these cards told us that they are happy with the Never Settle Reloaded promotion as it boosted sales of HD 7970 cards. This card did really well after the promotion. The promotion had a less of an effect on the 7950 and our talkative friends blame the GTX 660 Ti that is also doing well in this price bracket.

Potential buyers of 7800 cards are nowadays getting Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider, and we have learned that the promotion did help the 7870, as they were selling noticeably better once the promotion launched. The 7850, the runner up part, did benefit from the promotion, but not as much as AMD and its partners would like.

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