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Asus Nexus 10 pops up in inventory system

by on19 September 2013

349 pounds apparently

There were a number of conflicting reports on the future of Google’s Nexus 10. Some claimed that it is coming from Samsung, others insisted Google chose Asus this time around, while a small minority believed Google wouldn’t even do a 10-inch tablet this year.

It seems the Asus camp was right.

Android Police has come across an interesting tweet by someone claiming to be a PCWorld employee. The tweet features a screenshot of PCWorld’s inventory system, listing an Asus built Nexus 10 for £349. Other than that, there are no actual specs whatsoever.

Since the first model already featured a 2560x1600 screen and 2GB of memory, the new one should end up with an even more impressive spec. The most obvious choice for an upgrade would by the processor, as the original Nexus 10 featured a dual-core A15 from Samsung.

You can check out the tweet leak here

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