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Xbox 360 gets better HD-DVD sound

by on16 May 2007

And a few more fixes

The Xbox 360 got another update yesterday, which should improve the sound quality on HD-DVD titles with Dolby TrueHD audio. Although the consolse itself isn't powerful enough to handle Dolby TrueHD audio, new down mix options are available that should give owners more choice on how to down sample the audio to fit with their equipment.

None Dolby TrueHD titles should also get a boost in audio quality as the way the Xbox 360 is outputting sound has been changed and the user has been given more control over the sound output and the dynamic range has been opened up to allow for much better sound.

The DVD playback applicaton has also been given new menu options such as subtitles, camera angle and audio buttons, all of which are functions that are missing from the Xbox 360 media remote. All these menu options are new accessible while playing the movie, so there's no longer any need to go into the movies menu to adjust these settings.

The new update will download autiomatically as soon as you're connected to the Xbox Live service and try to watch a movie. As a final bonus, Microsoft has also upgraded the image quality over VGA, great for those using their Xbox 360 with a display that has VGA input. 

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