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TSMC to triple 28nm production this year

by on18 January 2013

Analysts see Apple deal on horizon

TSMC is planning to triple shipments of 28nm wafers this year and the company currently holds a virtual monopoly on the 28nm process.

TSMC CEO Morris Chang told the China Times that the company plans to invest $9 billion in capital expenditures and it will probably go on to spend even more in 2014. Last year 28nm production accounted for about 12 percent of TSMC’s revenues, or $2.1 billion, but Chang believes 28nm revenue will hit $6.2 billion this year.

Chang’s bullish projections led many analysts to conclude that TSMC has all but secured orders for its next generation chips. Apple currently uses Samsung’s 32nm process in its A6-series chips, but there is a chance next generation A7-series chips will be stamped out by TSMC, in 28nm. In fact, China Times reported that TSMC had already started trial production of Apple’s A6X SoC in 28nm.

The foundry will also benefit from AMD’s decision to produce Kabini and Temash APUs at TSMC, after it was forced to ditch plans to build them at GlobalFoundries.

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Last modified on 18 January 2013
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