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Microsoft rolls new 360 dashboard

by on17 October 2012

Will roll out to all over the next couple of weeks

Microsoft has begun to start pushing out the latest dashboard update, which Microsoft is calling the Autumn 2012 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update. Initially, Microsoft will be restricting the initial push to about 3 million consoles, with additional consoles to be added over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t get it right away, don’t worry…you will get it at some point in the next couple of weeks.

The Autumn 2012 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update includes a number of enhancements to the dashboard interface, but the jury is still out on how those improvements will play with Xbox 360 owners. Many Xbox 360 owners have complained about the dashboard enhancements, and have been none too pleased as to the direction the dashboard has been heading.

Beyond the dashboard, Microsoft will finally add a web browser in the form of Internet Explorer for Xbox 360. In addition, Microsoft will be adding a new feature called “pinning,” which allows users to add content to the home screen. The long awaited Xbox Music will also be part of this release, but it remains to be seen how much it will attract users.

The other big feature to be added is the addition of the “SmartGlass” technology that will allow users to use their tablet as a second screen with the Xbox 360. While this is part of the update that is being deployed, it will not be officially turned on, apparently, until Windows 8 launches on October 26th. We are told that a couple of titles that use SmartGlass are coming. (One of them is apparently Forza Horizons, which will be one of the first titles to take advantage of the SmartGlass technology.)

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