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Yahoo! DRM servers going away

by on29 July 2008


Deadline is Sept. 30th

Yahoo! issued an announcement that its Digital Rights Management (DRM) servers will be shut down effective September 30th.  What this mean is that all music purchased from Yahoo! Music will no longer be transferable to the computers or devices they currently reside on, severely limiting its use. 

This announcement is part of Yahoo’s migration of its services to the Rhapsody music service, which is operated by RealNetworks. However, there is a small silver lining in this announcement, as Yahoo also has announced that it would take care of its customers by providing compensation to consumers who purchased DRM music files though Yahoo! Music.

On a case-by-case basis, the “reimbursements” will be made through repayment of the amount spent for the files, or through MP3 files that do not contain DRM restrictions and that will play on any computer or device.

Yahoo! Music customers’ services will be transferred to Rhapsody, which offers “the same service at a similar price.”

Last modified on 29 July 2008
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