British bloke gets broadband using wet string
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Who needs Cat 5 ?

A UK ISP techie has managed to set up broadband cables using just wet string.

Swedish Ericsson returns to networks
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New business is borked 

Swedish outfit Ericsson has given up on getting more clients beyond the telecoms industry to refocus on selling networks to mobile phone companies.

Orange sued over fibre optic network coverage
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Rival wanted a bigger share

French telecom operator Orange has revealed that the rival roast beef-eating telecom group SFR was suing it.

Cloudflare is protecting hate sites
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Investigative hacks find pirates are not the only ones protected

Cloudflare is one of the most popular web platforms for hate sites, according to a site dedicated to investigative journalism.

Netgear gives users 130TB of storage
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A lot of VR content to be stored

Netgear is equipping users for next generation storage demands.  Faster than ever before, and providing users with the with five levels of unrivaled data protection, 10 Gigabit copper Ethernet (10GbE) network interface on selected models, and expandable storage capacity.

Quanta vies for least secure router title
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Has 20 flaws

Quanta appears to be hoping to win the title for creating the world’s least secure routers.

Apple networking genii blacklist router ports
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You get what you pay for

The Fruity cargo cult Apple’s legendary skill at networking hit another milestone today after a software update killed Mac’s Ethernet port.

ARM getting attention from server makers
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Five sign up

More than five computer makers have announced that they are going to use servers with ARM processors.

Phillips shows the dangers of internet homes
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We can see regulation coming

One of the issues of an internet connected home is that the producers all have to agree on common standards, or you end up, like Phillips customers found out, forced to use one supplier.

LTE networks have evil bugs
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Structure is floored by unfixable bugs

Carnegie Mellon University's CERT security vulnerabilities database has issued an alert regarding the status of LTE (Long-Term Evolution) mobile networks.