World Wide Web 30 years old today
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Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

When Tim Berners-Lee was 33 years old, he penned a letter to his bosses at CERN suggesting a common protocol for using the interweb that was intended to demolish the Tower of Babel and let people communicate with each other worldwide.

The CeBIT mess is over
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28 November 2018

The CeBIT mess is over

The end of the SnowBIT

For years upon years I trudged the halls in Hannover hoping against hope that it wouldn't snow and the biggest IT trade show in the world wouldn't turn from CeBIT into SnoBIT. And now it seems to be either NoBIT or JustaBIT.

Mike Magee sues US government
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“It just came off in my hand”

The founder of the Rogister, the INQUIRER, TechEye, Channel Eye and the editor in large at Fudzilla has discovered he is suing the US government.

Wikipedia editors outsource spats to bots
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Remotely controlled obnoxious morons fight each other

Wikipedia editors are finding it so hard to be that obnoxious to magazines and researchers they don’t like and are outsourcing their work to bots – which are spending a lot of time fighting each other.

Twitter is toast
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22 December 2016

Twitter is toast

Analysts finally start speaking like Fudzilla

It has taken a while, but we are finally getting analysts to describe situations in the way we do. Trip Chowdhry, the managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research shocked the market when he described Twitter as being "toast".

EU set to support Microsoft’s LinkedIn deal
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Seems to be avoiding the antitrust missteps

Software giant Microsoft is likely to gain EU approval for its $26 billion buy of professional social notworking site LinkedIn after making concessions aimed at addressing competition concerns.

Windows anniversary update farks Fudzilla
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Facelift creates bundle of issues

I am a big supporter of Windows 10 and the operating system works quite well. I didn’t complain that it took me more than 10 tries to update to Windows 10 as it didn’t like some of the gazillion USB drivers I had on my machine. 

Wikipedia editors try to kill Fudzilla again
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Apparently can't find us on Google

Wikipedia editors are trying to delete the modest Fudzilla entry on the basis that it is not famous enough or has enough links on Google.

Fudzilla is 9 years old
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From AGP to the mobile revolution

Nine years ago, on the 1st of March 2007, Fudzilla came to life. More than 40,000 articles later, we are still in business, despite the fact that our industry dramatically changed over the past decade.

MediaTek wants to lead in 5G
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Exclusive: MediaTek CTO talks to Fudzilla

MediaTek is flat out developing its 5G technology because it wants to be the first to market with the game-changing technology.