Apple has another design stuff up
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A credit card you can’t put in your wallet – whatever next? a clock which can't tell the time?

Apple’s design experts have outdone themselves by creating a credit card which cannot be put in a wallet or your jeans pocket.

The Galaxy Note was a flawed design
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Putting 50 pounds of mud in a five-pound bag

It seems that the Galaxy Note caught fire because it had the same problem as Dolly Parton at an award’s ceremony. If you stick 50 pounds of mud in a five-pound bag you are going to get a flaming wardrobe malfunction.

Note 7 may have been a victim of its design
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Latest theory

The latest theory as to why the Note 7 had battery problems suggests that its rather cool thin design made it go bang.

Apple’s design genii make a click of themselves
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OS X El Capitan page not for dirty minds

The design genii at Apple scored an own goal with the website’s CSS code to prevent people misreading the tagline for its latest operating system, OS X El Capitan.

ARM Cortex-R8 processor design is out
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Aiming for modems and storage device

ARM has released the new Cortex-R8 processor design which it says can provide low latency and high performance for modem and storage device chips.

Apple giving design a bad name
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Two former Apple designers moan

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has lost the plot when comes to design, according to two designers who helped build the company’s reputation.

iPhone 6S to looks nearly identical to 6
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You should not be surprised

After iPhone 6 comes the iPhone 6S and you should know this dynamic by now. The new phone will have a new, faster SoC and will sport a few cosmetic changes. 

Samsung execs told to look at design
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Copying Apple not that much of an option

Samsung executives were told about the importance of designs and user experiences and how a rounded rectangle was not really that cool.

Supermicro asks Fudzilla readers to choose color of motherboard
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For their next-gen gaming board

Supermicro is getting into the gaming market and our server specialist friends have created a unique opportunity for Fudzilla readers to help them design a motherboard. 


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