China moving to chiplet design
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Who needs leading edge production nodes

Chinese chipmakers are getting around US sanctions on advanced processing by building processors with a higher core count using a chiplet design.

Apple accused of surrendering to Russia and China for a fast buck
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Human rights groups slam fruity cargo cult 

Human rights groups have accused the fruity cargo cult Apple of selling the lives of their users in authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China to make profits.

ASML attacks US trade restrictions on China
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It makes no sense and only benefits US companies

Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML CEO Peter Wennink has waded into the US’s moves to get the Netherlands to adopt new rules restricting exports to China make sense.

Chinese Longsoon chips not going to Russia
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China needs them all itself

The Chinese government has banned exports of Loongson CPUs based on the LoongArch microarchitecture to Russia ironically for the same reasons that the US is not giving it access to its chips.

China getting more hacked off at US chip sanctions
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History repeats "Ducks versus Onions" conflict 

China is hitting back against the US's arbitory controls over the export on chips and filed a dispute with the World Trade Organisation and escalating the tech war between the two countries.

Apple helps China in anti-Covid crackdown
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Restricted file sharing to help its government chums

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has decided that it is much better to be on the side of the Chinese government, than it is on the side of its users.

Sony fighting Microsoft over Chinese gaming market
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Investing $140,080 for each game 

Sony is fighting with Microsoft over a share of the Chinese gaming market.

Foxconn moves more operations away from China
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Wants to avoid zero Covid policy

Foxconn has had a gutsful of China’s zero covid policy and is moving some of its operations to a country which still has cheap labour but whose government does not shut down a region when a worker gets a snuffle.

Apple’s China Crisis
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08 November 2022

Apple’s China Crisis

When your entire company depends on countries getting along

Fruity cargo cult Apple is in hot water because its CEO Tim Cook cut costs by depending on a Chinese supply chain.

Chinese looking at virtual reality
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Glorious five year plan

China released its first glorious five-year plan dedicated to virtual reality and says it wants to build more than 25 million devices  valued at $48.20 billion by 2026.