Micron warns of component shortages
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Prices will rise

Chipmaker Micron Technology warned that while production will not drop due to component shortages driven by the Ukraine crisis, costs are expected to rise.

DRAM prices picking up
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Lastest TrendForce report

Beancounters at TrendForce have added up some numbers and reached the conclusion that PC DRAM prices set to fall.

Raspberry Pi has 8GB of RAM
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Moving to 64-bit

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has doubled the maximum amount of RAM available in the Raspberry Pi 4 to 8GB with a new device it's selling for $75.

Micron's low-power DDR5 DRAM out
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Will be seen in the Xiaomi Mi 10 

Micron Technology has shipped the world's first low-power DDR5 DRAM in mass production to be used in the soon-to-be-released Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone.

A battle is brewing in the premium DRAM market
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SK Hynix arrives late with a better product

SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics are competing to gain the upper hand in the premium DRAM market, and it is starting to look as if high bandwidth memory (HBM2E) DRAM chips will be the key battleground.

DRAM average sales price to fall 42.1 per cent
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Because industry’s internal augers muffed their oracles

DRAM average sales price set to fall 42.1 percent after the key prediction people in the chip making business stuffed up their predictions.

Samsung gears up to 16nm DRAM
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Heading to servers in 2020

Samsung is rumoured to be moving to a new 16nm process node in 2020 for DRAM chips

Nanya sees DRAM price falls slowing
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Should have picked up by the end of the year

Memory maker Nanya Technology has said that it expects DRAM price falls to slow starting the second quarter of 2019, as the overall market demand will pick up.

Flex Logix solves Deep Learning DRAM problem
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New architecture should save power and mean less DRAM

Startup Flex Logix says it has worked out a way to fix a problem which has made deep learning a power and resource hog.

Micron starts GDDDR6 DRAM chip volume production
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In 8GB capacities

Micron has started volume production of its GDDDR6 DRAM chip.