Intel starts the foldable PC era
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A part of the Intel’s CES 2020 keynote

Intel has showcased a concept PC codenamed Horseshoe Bend, and this  gives you an idea of the future of the ultra-portable high-end PCs. Lenovo X1 Fold and Dell concept ORI already showcased their version of the concept, but Intel shared a bit of detail.

Intel reveals Tremont 10nm microarchitecture
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Chief architect: Expect 30 to 40 percent uplift

Intel has shared a few more details about the Intel Tremont low power Microarchitecture at the Linley Fall Processor Conference in Santa Clara and we had the chance to chat with Stephen Robinson, Senior Principal Engineer and Intel Tremont Chief Architect.

Chipzilla says desktop 10nm is still a thing
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Denies rumours it is walking straight to 7nm

Chipzilla has growled at rumours that it is planning to ditch the 10nm production process for its desktop CPUs and was instead set to jump straight from the 14nm+++ lineup into 7nm desktop processors.

It cost one billion dollars to tape out 7nm chip
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Economy of scale

After months of investigation and multiple conversations with several fellow engineers, and super C level executives in multiple organizations, we learned that it costs over one billion dollars to tape out a 7nm chip.

Intel Ice Lake Gen 10 Core is out
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10nm with a big push on Intel Iris Plus Graphics

Intel has officially announced the 11 PC notebook SKUs of the 10 Generation Intel core processors. The one that we know as Ice Lake clocks and specs are out, and Ran Senderovitz, VP Mobile product marketing Intel client computing group, shared a few details.

Intel beats AMD in notebook graphics
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Computex 19: Hell froze over

Intel is serious about getting back on track and competing in every single sector of the market and managed to beat the best of AMD notebook offering in graphics. The Gen 11 graphics inside  Ice Lake-U 10nm notebooks that are scheduled to ship in holiday season 2019 beat the AMD Picasso 12nm Ryzen 7 3700U in 25W in graphics.

Lakefield 10nm PCB pictured
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Intel foldables and detachable CPU in late 2019

We had a chance to see the Lakefield up and running in December 2018, and it was the first time Intel showed a 10nm Hybrid CPU running a 7-Zip and taking full advantage of the AES 256 instruction. This was enough to run 75 percent faster than any other Intel Core processor.

Intel 10nm CPU to ship in June
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Ice lake 10nm on shelves for holidays

Unless you have been living under a rock, you were aware that Intel is years behind its original 10nm transition. Luckily, Intel’s Murthy has confirmed that the 10nm CPU will start shipping in June.

Intel 10nm shipping inside of NUC
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Crimson Canyon

A certain number of Intel NUC SKUs have 10nm processors inside and they are codenamed Crimson Canyon. This was confirmed to us by Brandt Guttridge, general manager of desktop product marketing, at the last Intel desktop event and the only other notebook machine that features 10nm is the Lenovo Ideapad 330 notebook, available only in China. 

IBM Power 10 expected in 2020
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48 core 10nm new architecture

IBM Power 9 is capturing a lot of business momentum and has recently launched in the enterprise market and it looks like the company is getting ready to launch its next generation Power 10  in 2020.