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Gainward GTS 450 Goes Like Hell dissected

by on19 October 2010



Most GTS 450 cards can be overclocked higher than 900MHz, and we’ve seen that some partners like Gainward dared to push it beyond 920MHz and back it up with a warranty. More precisely, the GTS 450 GLH runs at 930MHz for the GPU with the memory running at 1000MHz (4000MHz effectively).

Our GLH is already overclocked, so we didn’t manage much more. It took a voltage boost to 1162mV to get stable 950MHz for the GPU with the memory running at 1040MHz (4160MHz effectively). We left the fan in AUTO mode and it wasn’t very loud. It’s well worth noting that nothing we did to the fan managed to help with further overclocking.




GTS 450 GLH didn’t go over 74°C during our tests. The cooler was almost inaudible in idle operation and while it gets louder in FurMark tests, it isn’t too loud. Of course, fan speed can be controlled via ExperTool.




We measured our entire rig's consumption after stressing the graphics with FurMark. Consumption shows that the GTS 450 can easily compete with Radeon HD 5700 cards in this respect – it consumes less than Radeon HD 5770 in idle mode but consumes more than the aforementioned card when running GPU-intensive apps. Gainward's GTS 450 GLH comes with a factory overclock of 18.8% and so it consumes up to 40W more than the reference card.


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