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Scythe Setsugen GPU cooler tested

by on25 November 2009


While we were very impressed with the Musashi, the Setsugen is also a top product. You have to test which fan configuration is working in your system, but we suspect a fan blowing onto the card is the best option for most of the users. Changing the fan is not that easy, but with a bit of patience it is manageable. The wobbling of the Musashi has been reduced, but the mounting screws are still too small for ATI cards, but the cooler sat firm. It would not have hurt if Scythe would have added a second set for ATI cards.

With the fan speed set to the lowest setting, it's nearly inaudible. The higher the settings naturally the higher the noise-level. But even with the HD4890 rated at 190W, it can run easily with the lowest fan setting. This is impressive. If you want to overclock you need a higher fan setting, but it's still quieter compared to the stock coolers.

This product will set you back about €33,- which is very competitive compared to other high-end cooling solutions or such as Sapphires Vapor cooler. The Setsugen will hit retail in the first week of December. UPDATE: Meanwhile the first listings have appeared at our price search engine here.

Overall, we can highly recommend the Scythe Setsugen.


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