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EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0 reviewed

by on24 September 2014


EVGA understands that some reviewers/users have expressed concerns over the fan noise during idle on the EVGA GTX 970 cards. The fan curve is set too aggressive by the default BIOS, but EVGA will provide a BIOS update to reduce the fan noise during idle. However, the fan curve can be easily adjusted in EVGA PrecisionX or any other overclocking software.

GTX 970 idle

The new ACX 2.0 cooler ships in two different versions, one with three heatpipes and one with five heatpipes. The GTX 970 Superclocked uses the weaker version, while the GTX 970 FTW gets the top of the line five heatpipe version. Although it uses a simpler heatsink, the GTX 970 SC still manages to keep GPU temperatures below 71 degrees Celsius.

The fans are not loud in 3D, but we did not like the relatively quiet but still apparent noise emitted by the power circuitry under load.

GTX 970 max

You can use Precision X for monitoring and control of the fan speed.




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