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Akasa integral S external 3.5" HDD case with USB 3.0 tested

by on24 July 2012


Integral series of external 3.5'' enclosures is well known for its tough and durable aluminum case that also helps the drive cool better. In fact, the enclosure looks almost identical to the older integral P2SATA. The only difference is the I/O panel and the actual connector.

The stand is identical as well.



Integral S is only 3cm thick, but almost 22cm long (3.5'' drive is about 14,5cm long).


The enclosure has small rubber feet that prevent vibration and resulting noise. They also prevent the enclosure from sliding across the table.


If you look closely, you'll see that that Akasa left four small holes on top of the enclosure in order to make the drives stackable.


The shorter sides of integral S enclosure are made of tough plastic, although it looks as if it's they're chrome plated. The I/O panel holds a standard, blue USB 3.0 connector, power DC12V connector and the ON/OFF switch.


Integral S logo on the front glows blue when the drive is on.


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