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Cooler Master USNA 120 tested

by on21 September 2011

Review: Universal adapter for laptops, tablets etc.

About one year ago, Cooler Master launched its USNA 95 – Ultra Slim Notebook Adapter, which won many design awards. USNA 95 became popular quite fast as it is compact, light and very handy for charging laptops. Yesterday Cooler Master launched USNA 120, the new adapter that packs an even meaner punch – 120W instead of 95W. USNA 120 comes with two USB connectors that can be used to charge smartphones or tablets, meaning that you can simply replace a bunch of different charges with USNA 120.

Tablet support is one of the main reasons why Cooler Master decided to replace USNA 95 with USNA 120. Quick charging of tablets requires much more than USB’s 1A, which is all USNA 95 is capable of. Unlike USNA 95, USNA 120’s USB connector can provide 2.1A.

Naturally, while the new device (model RP-120-USNA-J1) is more functional, it is also bigger and heavier.


As you can see, we have before us a nicely wrapped and stylish universal latop, tablet, smartphone, etc. charger. The different plugs will make sure that almost any laptop is supported, which its main advantage. Although al DC19V laptops should be charged via USNA 120, we’d still advise you to check for compatibility on Cooler Master’s website. It is possible that ID patents won’t allow some laptops to be charged but they should still work with USNA 120.

You’ll find ten different plug extensions. The large bag is a gift and it is ideal for carrying the USNA 120 charger with you.


At a glance, USNA 120 looks like USNA 95, but the new charger is bigger. Namely, USN 120 measures 65 x 21 x 156 mm compared to USNA 95’s 65 x 17 x 104 mm (picture below).


USNA 120 has a status LED that glows green when the device is connected to power. The LED will glow red once the USB connector is plugged into a device.


The charger has two USBs with different Ampere rating. Since both connectors are colored the same, Cooler Master marked the USB plugs with USB1A and USB 2.1A signs. Both USB connectors can be used simultaneously, regardless of the device you’re charging.


USNA 120 can handle full input input voltage from 100V to 240V with efficiency up to 90%. Total output power is 120W. The picture below shows both devices.


USNA 120 has ten different outs, whereas USNA 95W comes with nine. Cooler Master improved its HP laptop support by adding another plug.


All you need to do prior to charging is take the appropriate plug and connect it to USNA 120’s cable. There will be no buzzing during charging and while the device gets relatively hot, it was never too hot.usna-95-tips-2



USNA 120 is Cooler Master’s new charger that will render your laptop and USB chargers obsolete. USNA 120 has two USB connectors, both of which can work at the same time, meaning that you won’t be looking for a second outlet anymore.

The basic premise for USNA was to be a universal Ultra Small Notebook Adapter (USNA) that users will prefer over large and heavy laptop chargers.

Cooler Master’s USNA 95 was dream come true when it comes to small and light laptop chargers, but the company does not have it in its offer anymore. However, USNA 120 took over and extended the device support. Furthermore, USNA 120 comes with a 2.1A USB plug, but it is bigger than USNA 95. Unfortunately, while USNA 120 is still smaller than most laptop chargers, we cannot quite agree that it deserves being called ultra small.

USNA 120 comes with a two year warranty and costs about €65. If you’re sick and tired of chargers, travel a lot or your charger is heavy and approaching its deathbed, then USNA 120 is a solution that you really should look into.


Last modified on 21 September 2011
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