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Sprinkle - game for tablets based on Nvidia Tegra reviewed

by on24 August 2011

Review: Fun, addictive, realistic effects


A team of two Swedish programmers called “Mediocre” implemented its knowledge of PhysX capabilities in a game optimized for Nvidia Tegra-based tablets and smartphones. The game is called Sprinkle and will be available from Nvidia’s Tegra zone as of 26 August. The game is pretty fun to play, but perhaps the most eye-catching is a well implemented water simulation. You can learn more of the Mediocre team here.



In Sprinkle, you’ll be playing as a fireman on planet Sprinkle. The planet is constantly bombarded by flammable meteorites from space, which tend to burn housing of the natives. So, your experiences in handling a fire-truck hose will be key. Naturally, aiming is not always as easy and you’ll constantly have to find interactive objects from your surrounding and use them in order to reach the fire sites.



The amount of water in your fire truck is limited and there are plenty of obstacles. Water will of course be sprayed everywhere, and you’ll notice that resulting ponds are created and drained in a realistic manner.


PhysX effects are not only implemented on water, but other things in the game as well.


We gave the test version a spin, which has 46 levels. Fun factor is pretty high and the game is pretty addictive. Each extinguished fire increases your water cannon handling skills, but each next fire is more complicated.

Our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510 Android’s Tegra 2 ran great, meaning no stutters or visible performance drops.

All in all, this is a game you should definitely try, as it’s fun and addictive. Not only that though, as the game does well to show what we can expect in the future.


Last modified on 24 August 2011
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