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ASRock Ion330HT-BD detailed

by on19 January 2010


Of course we checked the basics of the machine, and as CPUz and GPUz reports, all is within the norm.



As you can imagine, installing Windows XP and Windows 7 was a strain and took quite long. Surprisingly booting both systems was done within 35 seconds, not bad for such a lame CPU. While we worked the original small fan truly annoyed us, so we had no choice but to remove it. Before disassembling the case we noticed the bottom of the case where the board is mounted gets very warm which is not good either, because the heat can't dissipate. After removing the fan we put the case on the side which does help to keep the board cooler. Besides that, we reduced the settings of the FSB to 100 to underclock the Atom 330 CPU to 1.20GHz. Reduction of the VCore is limited to 0.1V, but it helps. The new "speed" is still sufficient to run all basic applications such as browsers and media players without noticeable delay. The new fan did help and the box was not as annoying anymore, but it was still not silent.


Last modified on 24 September 2010
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