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Next iWatch will need an iPhone

by on19 August 2016

Inovation, Apple has heard of it

When it was first released, the iWatch was slammed for needing an iPhone to work. After all, there is no point having an iWatch if you have to carry your phone around too.  Now, two years later, the crack inovators at Apple still have not managed to fix the problem.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple tried to jack a mobile chip into the next version of the Watch, but could not get it to go. The iWatch's already terrible battery life disappared in seconds..

The Tame Apple Press claims that this does not mean  Apple will never be able to do this feat, but it is not going to happen this year. Instead, the new Apple Watch that we'll probably see this year will have a GPS chip and improved health tracking. To be clear about this, health tracking and GPS is what all the other first generation smartwatches already have, so there is nothing to see here - move on please. 

Rumors are that the Apple Watch will come in two variants, one with an improved processor, and the other with a GPS radio. So one stays the same and the other has what every other smartwatch has. Can this get any better? The one with the GPS has a barometer, but unless that means it comes with a portal bar it is probably not worth the extra dosh.

The new Apple Watch will likely be launched in the autumn alongside the new iPhone. Our guess is that it is going to sell worse than the first one.  Apple has learned that if it is going to sell products, it has to start making them different from the same things it tried unsuccessfuly to sell before,

Last modified on 19 August 2016
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