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MediaTek Android Wear devices coming soon

by on18 February 2015

New MT2601 SoC inside

MediaTek recently showed off a number of smartwatch designs, including models designed for the tiny MT2502 Aster process, and some Android Wear prototypes. 

The latter are based on the MediaTek MT2601, which was announced last month. The MT2601 features two Cortex-A7 cores and Mali 400MP graphics. Since the chip was designed from the ground up as a wearable solution, MediaTek claims it has 41.5% fewer components and lower power consumption than competing SoCs.

Nnotebookitalia attended a CES event at which MediaTek proudly showed off several Aster-based smartwatches, along with the first Android Wear prototypes based on the new MT2601. The prototype is bulky and it’s clearly not a production design, but Notebookitalia expects the first Android Wear watches based on MT2601 processors to launch "soon," whatever that means. 

While the prototype is clearly a work-in-progress, it gives us a faint idea of what to expect. It has a 1.6-inch 240x240 resolution display, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, optical heart rate sensor and a few more goodies.

With a tiny chip, a PCB measuring just 480mm2 and a 240x240 screen, it is obvious MediaTek-based smartwatches could end up cheaper than the current generation of Android Wear hardware, most of which are based on Qualcomm SoCs, with higher resolution screens. 

Last modified on 18 February 2015
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