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Apple Watch already knocked off for $30

by on09 January 2015
Photo thanks to Mashable Photo thanks to Mashable Mashable

Problem is which is the knock off?

As might be expected, someone in China has projected a cheap and cheerful version of Apple's iWatch – the only problem is that since it has done it before Apple, which is really the knock off?

The Apple Watch is probably going to be in the shops in March, but according to Mashable  a booth at CES 2015 a Chinese company by the name of Hyperdon was selling a wearable that looks the same.

The Tame Apple Press is furious claiming that it is a rip off and even runs an OS similar to that being used in the iWatch. What is worse is rather than several hundred dollars the knock off iWatch is $30.

It does more or less the same stuff. You can play music and make phone calls through the device. The rep at Hyperdon was also reported as saying that the watch is available for purchase via retailers in the US and China.

The issue here is – who is making the knock off? Hyperdon has got its product to the market first and at a reasonable price. Apple has not got a product out at all and if it does it will cost a fortune. It seems that by the time Jobs' Mob finally gets its first gen watch vapourware to the shops, Hyerdon and its ilk will be on the third or fourth generation.

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