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Nvidia booms on Wall Street
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Friday, 19 November 2021 12:07

Nvidia booms on Wall Street

Shares jump on earnings report

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street were rushing to buy Nvidia stock yesterday after its third-quarter results were announced on Wednesday.

Wall Street not that happy with Broadcom
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Friday, 13 December 2019 11:37

Wall Street not that happy with Broadcom

Slowing growth and dull 2020

Broadcom fourth-quarter earnings beat Street estimates on Thursday, but investors were put off by slowing growth in the semiconductor business and a lukewarm revenue forecast for 2020.

Sony surprises Wall Street with good results
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Gaming still down

Sony surprised the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street by reporting  a record first quarter operating profit despite the slowing gaming business.

Apple continues to disappoint Wall Street
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Analysts pray it can claw back money by offering “services”

Fruity cargo-cult Apple is continuing to disappoint the cocaine nose-jobs of Wall Street with its lacklustre performance, but it has convinced them that it will make a fortune selling services.

Bitcoin players face criminal investigation
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Is manipulation the name of the game?

The US Justice Department has opened a case which might end up with criminal charges.

Wall Street wants Apple to do something about its cash pile
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As iPhone and iCloud stalls

The cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street are starting to get a bit miffed that Apple has not come up with any new products and its existing iPhone and iCloud products are stalling.

IBM profits fall short of Wall Street expectations
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Reinvention talking time

Big Blue posted profit margins that fell short of Wall Street expectations in a sign that its turn around was taking time.

Was AMD security announcement gaming Wall Street?
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CTS Labs and Viceroy Research spark conspiracy theory

The announcement by a security firm called CTS Labs had found severe vulnerabilities and backdoors in some AMD processors appears to have sparked a full-on internet conspiracy theory.

Wall Street fears workers could be all replaced by AI
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Why do we need you expensive psychos?

Wall Street is facing up to the fact that most of its workers will be replaced by AI, and the wolves of Wall Street will be consigned to the dust bin of history.

GoPro recalls 2,500 drones
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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 11:18

GoPro recalls 2,500 drones

Karma police

GoPro must be wondering wondered what it did in a previous life after it has been forced to recall about 2,500 of its recently introduced Karma drones because they lost power during use.