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AMD Ryzen processors flood the market

by on03 March 2017

In both the US, the UK and Europe

It seems that AMD's hard launch is paying off as the Ryzen 7 lineup has a "healthy availability" in major markets.

While some reports suggest that AMD Ryzen SKUs have been sold out in most major retail stores, a quick check at key markets suggests otherwise. It appears that AMD did things right this time, with its one million Ryzen processors available at launch move, and there is plenty of stock all around the world, in spite of earlier reports of high demand from retailers/e-tailers.

Currently, has all three listed with at least two or three in stock while also has, what appears to be, a healthy stock of all three Ryzen 7 CPUs. We did not bother to check other retailers/e-tailers in the US but we are sure there is plenty to go around. 

The situation is not that different in the UK either. has 10+ stock on Ryzen 7 1700X and Ryzen 7 1700, while the Ryzen 1800X is apparently sold out and available only for pre-order but should be coming on March 8th. is similar but lacks Ryzen 7 1700 SKU. has plenty of stock of all three SKUs and does not have them in stock but all three are available for pre-order.

The situation is similar in the rest of Europe, especially Germany, where there are plenty of "boxed without cooler", "boxed with Wraith Spire" and tray options available. The usual suspects like,, and, have at least some of those SKUs available.

We can't talk about the price since most, if not all, retailers/e-tailers are following AMD's MSRP guidelines so there is not much difference there. Of course, European prices include VAT, so they are slightly higher than in the US, but it all comes down to the same thing. 

There is obviously a strong demand for Ryzen 7 CPUs but AMD certainly made sure that there are plenty to go around, and while its current performance in gaming is far from ideal, which will only get better with certain optimizations from AMD, motherboard makers and developers, it still offer impressive performance for its price, at least for those that use the PC for more than gaming.

AMD wanted  to do things right this time and it is definitely good to see that Intel is finally getting some real  competition in that sector of the market.

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