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Kaby Lake conjures up two overclocking tricks

by on06 July 2016

BCLK aware V/F curve and AVX negative ratio offset

Kaby Lake will be a better overclocker. At least this is what Intel is telling its partners right now. The successor to Skylake architecture will have two overclocking enhancements the BCLK aware V/F curve and AVX negative ratio offset.

The BCLK aware V/F curve is an adaptive voltage mode that works with BCLK and its main goal is to achieve higher clock stability.

The AVX negative ratio offset allows excellent control over Intel Turbo Boost Technology while overclocking with increased stability.

Kaby Lake processors will be able to achieve higher frequencies at the same thermal envelope. For example, a 95W TDP Kaby Lake processor will be able to achieve a higher clock than the 95W Skylake. We expect that the successor to Intel Core i7-6700K will get to clock more than 4GHz, but not that much higher. The Turbo clock will be higher.

We expect a slight increase in the core clock as Intel had more than a year to tweak and optimize the 14nm Skylake core. Kaby Lake is a new CPU but with minor improvements and isn't a huge leap forward.

Last modified on 06 July 2016
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