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Snapdragon 820 needs 30 percent less power

by on10 November 2015

Compared to the Snapdragon 810 SoC

Qualcomm has shown a slide that indicates that the normalized power consumption of a Snapdragon 820 is 30 per cent less than the earlier 810 and could mean batteries lasting a third longer. ..

The slide shows an index set with Snapdragon 801 as a reference and compared to that the Snapdragon 820 has the normalized real power usage index of 0.65 or 45 percent better. The Snapdragon 810 with Snapdragon 805 were neck and neck next with a normalized real life usage of 0.95 and 0.92.

The Kryo CPU should have twice the performance and up to two times the power efficiency compared to an unknown previous generation Snapdragon. The company didn’t say that they compared the 820 with Snapdragon 810. The Adreno 530 GPU has up to  40 percent performance and power efficiency compared to a previous Snapdragon generations. The Hexagon 680 DSO has up to three times performance and up to ten times the power efficiency. This is the number that you would be getting when you compared the Hexagon operation DSP with the same operating running on the Kryo core.

The X12 LTE modem is a cat 12 modem with up to 33 percent higher performance and up to 15 percent better power efficiency. The sad part is that it will be while bevore any of the world’s network providers and telecoms embrace the LTE Cat 12 modems with carrier aggregation with speeds up to 600 Mbits download and 150 Mbits upload. In reality you can be happy to see 70 to 100 Mbits in the USA for download and around 30 upload.

Qualcomm believes that Haven Security managing Qualcomm Zeroth cognitive technologies, Symphony system manager and Quick charge 3.0 will aid Snapdragon 820's success. It will be a while before we can benchmark the 820, or see it in devices, we expect that this to happen in early 2016.

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