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Qualcomm reportedly tweaks Snapdragon 810

by on06 February 2015

Overheating issue resolved, or so they say

Qualcomm and TSMC have reportedly worked out overheating issues on the Snapdragon 810. 

Qualcomm never publically admitted that the chip experienced the problems to begin with, but the rumour mill has been in overdrive for a while. Leaked LG Flex 2 benchmarks also suggested that something could be wrong, since the chip failed to impress.

The problem apparently caused the Snapdragon 810 to overheat at peak clocks and throttle, compromising performance. Such problems surfaced in some mobile devices in the past, namely the Nexus 4, but were the result of poor design decisions, not chip faults.

The latest rumours from China suggest that Qualcomm and TSMC managed to resolve the throttling issue. The info was apparently leaked to a Chinese analyst by a TSMC insider, but the reports are rather vague. The source said the revised Snapdragon 810 is expected to go into volume production by mid-March.

If true, this means the “fixed” chip is still not available for integration and may have an effect on product launches over the next few weeks, namely on devices which are expected to launch at the Mobile World Congress next month.

Last modified on 06 February 2015
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