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FX Turbo Core gives 1GHz boost

by on14 June 2011

On half cores
Guys from managed to get their hands on a slide that shows how will the AMD's Turbo Core Technology actually work with the upcoming FX series CPUs and it appears that there will be three different modes, two of which will be the actual Turbo.

According to the slide, AMD's FX series CPUs will be able to run at base frequency, also known as the nominal speed or simply an advertise speed with some TDP headroom. The Turbo mode will be able to increase speeds across all core, while there will also be a "Max Turbo" mode that will raise the frequency by up to 1GHz but on only half cores leaving the half in C6 shutdown mode, or simply disabled. This option makes sense as most games would certainly benefit from higher clock rather then a number of cores.

Of course, we are yet to see the FX series CPUs in action so we'll hold our judgment 'till we see some benchmarks.

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