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Fanless dual-core Atom in Q4 2011

by on21 March 2011

Cedar Trail that is
Intel is quite happy with its Atom N455. It has found its place to many netbooks and keeps many users happy. This Atom has a 1.66GHz core clock, 512KB cache and 6.5 W TDP. It is not spectacular but it has been doing rather well. This is a single core CPU with two threads.

However, with official Intel Tray 1ku Budgetary Price of $64, it’s not the cheapest kid on the block, either. As of Q4 2011, Intel plans to offer a new product in this price category, the Cedar Trail dual-core CPU that can even work without a fan. Intel shared some of the specs with its valued partners but so far we can only confirm that it’s a dual-core CPU with a 3.5W TDP. It uses the same old NM10 chipset which will make motherboard design a bit easier and cheaper.

There will be another Cedar trail dual-core, the one to replace the N475 netbook Atom, but this one aims for higher clocks and a 6.5W TDP.

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