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AMD readying at least two Zacate parts

by on24 September 2010

E350 and E240
X-bit labs has managed to score a few more details on AMD’s upcoming Zacate processors and the news keeps getting better.

AMD plans to launch two parts aimed at the low-power market, mainly desktops and thin clients. The Zacate E350 is dual-core part, while the E240 will feature a single core. Both pack DirectX 11 graphics with UVD 3.0 and a single channel DDR3 1333MHz memory controller.

As we reported earlier, the TDP of one of AMD’s prototypes shown off in to the press last week is 18W. The processor in question was clocked at 1.6GHz, while the integrated graphics are clocked at 500MHz.

Interestingly, X-bit is reporting that the Brazos platform will consist of a Zacate APU and Hudson D1 controller hub and it will feature a singly PCI Express 2.0 x4 and four PCIe x1 ports, along with a plain PCI bus, six SATA-300 ports and 14 USBs. There is no RAID or Gigabit Ethernet support.

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