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3.2GHz remains the fastest AMD in 2010

by on02 August 2010

From six cores
According to AMD’s most recent plans, it seems that its 3.2GHz six-core remains the fastest AMD CPU in 2010.

Its name is Phenom II X6 1090T and this 3.2GHz 125W TDP CPU sells for roughly €250 in the EU. There are no plans to top this speed in the remaining part of 2010 but compared to Intel’s six core offering, this looks like a very affordable product. The good part of this CPU is that with the help of Turbo it overclocks all the way to 3.6GHz, on auto pilot.

AMD still offers unlocked Black Edition CPUs which means that you should be able to overclock them well over its official clock and many enthusiasts with no so deep pocket will want to go after this six core. The eternal problem how to put all six cores to good use. This will obviously remain the biggest issue for the CPU industry as a whole, especially knowing that eight- and twelve-core CPUs are around the corner.

More is not necessarily better, as you can't easily utilize all the cores. There is still one more six-core to launch. The Phenom II X6 1075T should come out this quarter and with its 3.0GHz clock it will pack a 125W TDP.
Last modified on 02 August 2010
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