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Two AMD Fusions already got canceled

by on16 September 2009


So far Fusion is an illusion

AMD Fusion
is a tough cookie. AMD and ATI or popularly called DAAMIT are talking about a great native chip called Fusion since day one of the 2006 acquisition.

Intel is definitely going to be the first one with its semi-fusion chip, where it has two dies on the same chip, but AMD wants to do a native chip that will have many advantage over a GPU that sits next to CPU. AMD wants to fuse them.

The one scheduled for 2008 was canceled, the one scheduled for 2009 / 2010 is canceled and Llano , the one that should show its face in 32nm and 2011 is still on.

Native CPU with GPU is much harder to develop than AMD believed and now the company is paying a big price for its arrogance and claim that it has the technological advantage. Overall integration is great for MIDs and notebooks, but as we said, it’s a tough cookie.
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