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Quad-cores go cheap

by on04 August 2008


Intel starting at €128, AMD €99

Intel and AMD have dropped quad-core prices in the past several days, making these powerful parts an interesting alternative to €100+ dual cores.

AMD is the first to drop under the magic €100 mark, selling its Phenom X4 9600 for a mere €99. This is a B2 stepping 2.3GHz part, but nonetheless the price is impressive. For €25 less, you'll get one core less, as the X3 8450 clocked at 2.1GHz now costs just €73.90.

Intel is offering its legendary Q6600 for as little as €128 these days and the Q6700 for €158. If you're after new 45nm parts, you won't spend a fortune, either. The 2.5GHz Q9300 costs €185, while Intel's latest addition to its quad-core family, the Q8200, is listed at €177; but it will probably end up even cheaper once it becomes available.

So, good news all around, if only developers would do more to harness the potential of quad-cores in everyday applications, that is.
Last modified on 04 August 2008
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