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Sun leaks Nehalem and Six-core CPU

by on26 February 2008



notes on Intel's upcoming server platforms and Xeon Dunnington and Nehalem architectures ended up being posted on Sun's public site. According to Daily Tech, a presentation of roadmaps discussing details of Intel's upcoming server platforms ended up on Sun's public Web server.

It looks like Dunnington, Intel's 45nm six-core Xeon processor from the Penryn family, will succeed the Xeon Tigerton processor. Dunnington will be Intel's first Core 2 Duo processor with three dual-core banks. It will have 16MB of L3 cache shared by all six processors. Each pair of cores can also access 3MB of local L2 cache. The end result is a design very similar to the AMD Barcelona quad-core processor; however, each Barcelona core contains 512KB L2 cache, whereas Dunnington cores share L2 cache in pairs.

Intel's Penryn successor, codenamed Nehalem, will abandon the front-side bus model in favor of QuickPath Interconnect; a serial bus similar to HyperTransport.

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