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Few K10 Barcelonas expected in August

by on20 July 2007


The real numbers are in Q4


Our well informed sources have confirmed that so far AMD didn't instruct its sales channels on how and when they are going to start selling Barcelonas.

As we are entering the last days of July our sources implicates that it is getting really unlikely that AMD will have any serious quantities of K10 CPUs in August. AMD has already officially said that this is the current plan.

We already told you that Barcelona comes in serious quantities in Q4, but AMD has to launch whatever it has in Q3 as this is what it promised investors back in December.

Even if they manage to get many Barcelona and Agena FX and Agena CPUs out, the biggest problem of them all will be to get significant sales and even in a best case scenario we would expect that K10 will be less than 10 to 15 percent of AMDs total processor shipments in Q4 with healthier numbers in 2008.  
Last modified on 20 July 2007
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